Github link to Bounz repo?

Maybe you can post your link to github Bounz? I guess we need that too if Gene dont have the time to merge new features. And I think you have done some things that isn’t in Genes repo?

@raptorjr, here are links to my forks of Gene’s repositories:

But actually, Gene merges pull-requests as you can see here and here. So almost all important things are merged into Gene’s repositories.

But my work on unit-tests for ZWaveLib is not merged as I made some changes, that are not backward compatible with current MIG library. When I finish with that I’ll make a new version of MIG library.

Yes I see that he have commited some things. But it is hard to know if he has abandoned HG or not. Because if someone actually take the time to add features or fix problems, and it takes weeks or months before they are looked at or added, it takes the edge of contributing to the project.

when you have finished and make a new interface, any chance of splitting it from mig, so it doesn’t require a new version of hg?

im also going to do a build that has no default programs, interfaces or schedules created. have been looking at how to create

. Deb files on Windows so we can automate builds, but would like to see mig build and then publish as nuget so hg can then build from there.

As I understand, you want that ZWave MIG interface was distributed separately from core MIG library which is required to build HomeGenie. Am I right?
If so, I think that it’s possible.

Also, on the old forum you wrote:

In my env I dont run x10, zwave or upnp

I’m wondering how are you using HomeGenie?


with regards to my env, I’ll reply tomorrow when I’m not using a Phone

So my env - currently I use remote controlled sockets - just cheap shit… there is a library for the arduino called rcswitch – I have some code that takes a binary string in via serial and simply transmits it 3 times iirc.

I then have hg code that adds a param to switches for the onCommand and the offCommand - when the module state changes it sends the relevant code - either on or off.

Works quite well… not at all secure though - but nothing to worry about

I also have Relay boards connected to the a couple of RPi’s - One in the garage which runs HG with no modules really other than MQTT to extend it from the main house HG install - this is the one with the arduino - and also connects to my alarm panel using a new protocol that is yet to be released to the public - this uses an “Interface” I have written in c# - that interface is then used by my “homegenie interface” to consume the events via observable collections - however I may now change this to use rx after seeing that… Problem is this probably isn’t the best way of learning OOProgramming!

I am also experimenting with ESP8266 (and esp32) modules for remote control on switches - the theory is that the esp8266 drives the relay without needing hg for logic, meaning if that hg box reboots lights still work… when the light is switched on or off it is sent via mqtt to the HG install to update the status of the module… HG can also query it, tell it to turn, on, off or flash too… that code is here and unfinished…

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