Flags as macro conditions?

Does HG support the use of Flags as macro conditions?

I saw your post on the x10 forum. I use homeseer but I’m trying HG temporarily.

In Homeseer we create virtual devices that can be set on or off or by value to whatever you specify. Based on that events happen. Same thing…

I’m looking at the HG main dashboard and there virtual modules (I’m still basically in demo mode). If you have a virtual device you can trigger it for on/off open/close, 0/100. At least you should be able to.

Is that what you want?

Sounds like that might do it! Thanks, let me explore it. I am very new to HG.

I am also very new to HG. I am really only playing with it for now. I do not like the long time between changes to be ready to display again. I have spent more time watching a spinning arrow than anything else so far.

It appears to be a very capable app but the learning curve for me is brutal and the fact the the documentation seems minimal doesn’t help!