Fibaro FGS-221 and status update

Good day fellow HGers,

First off, I am glad I found out about such a great application. It indeed is user-friendly and much more stable than other products I tried.

I am facing a couple of issues that I hope you can help me with ( I searched the forum before posting this topic, so please be easy).

First off, I am running HG 1.1 (r526) on a windows 8.1 machine with Aeon-labs Z-stick S2 and a couple of Fibaro FGS-221 double relay switches.

On HG startup, it fails to detect the status of the switches (i.e., whether on or off). I looked around my setup on HG and found out that the switches are identified are FGS-222. I don’t know if that should cause any issues or not.

My second issue is that, I am having trouble accessing the web interface from another PC or phone on the same network, even though all ports are setup accordingly.

When I log in from a different PC or phone, I am asked for the username and password and then the page keeps loading indefinitely. I keep refreshing it but to no avail. It only works if I access the address. My PC is connected over WiFi but I don’t think this is relevant.

Thank you all for your help,

I really have no clue. But maybe try to keep it as simple as possible and remove the login promt, don’t use password?

Have never used it, but you never know what things could be the problem so it is good to remove all extras.

Thank you for your reply, raptorjr :grinning:
I will try removing authentication and see how it goes.

On the other hand, do you know if changing the devices from FGS-222 to FGS-221 would have any effect on getting the status updated accordingly when HG starts up ? If so, how to do it ?

Unfortunately I don’t have any Zwave device, but I know that others on the forum use them. I’m sure that they will answer if they know how to change and if it would make a difference.