Email notification in Raspbian-can a program calll have SSMTP to do the sending

For some the email notification in Raspbian and other flavours of Linux is not working. Could a utility like SSMTP be called externally from within a C# program with the results from the C# program passed to SSMTP to send.

I can use a simple command like this from the command line with SSMTP installed on my system

echo “Hello world emaill body” | -s “test Subject” [email protected]

and I receive the email straight away. Could this utility be called from within HomeGenie to send a mail.

Hi, @Petediscrete.

Yes, this should be possible using class Process (with or without ProcessStartInfo class) to run processes on host machine.
Here are links to the official documentation:

There are examples of usage at the bottom. But be aware, that in HG program you have to use full class name System.Diagnostics.Process instead of Process shown in examples.

I was able to open IE (on the Windows host) with specific site with this sample program: