Eastern std Time a day late

I noticed a couple of irregularities with the Nov 3rd time change to Eastern Std Time…

  1. the @SolarTimes.Sunset responded an hour late on Nov 3rd. I looked at Todays (Nov 4th) @SolarTimes.Sunset schedule and its next scheduled event will be at the correct time.

  2. I also noticed on Nov 3rd time change that in the scheduler that the hour after 23:00 was not available for scheduling. I had the furnace scheduled to go off at 11:15pm but it would not show up in scheduler unless I set up to turn off before 11:pm. Now today Nov. 4th The scheduler allows me to schedule after 11pm and it shows up in the schedule. Today Nov 4th all seems to be back to normal but a day later than Time Change.

Strange one. US winter time change happens 3rd November. Not sure where you’re based or where your NTP clock is picking up its settings from. I assume you’re locales are set correctly.

Even stranger thing but the 3rd November is the date older Apple devices stopped working unless they were updated to the latest iOS https://www.google.ie/amp/s/securityboulevard.com/2019/10/update-your-iphone-5-before-november-3-2019-or-lose-its-internet-access/amp/

I’m in Connecticut on eastern std time. Using win 10 pc. I
checked my Rpi locality it is and was correct. I also checked HG
locality also correct. It seems as if the @SolarTimes.Sunset did
not respond until midnight on the 3rd but the time change actually
took place at 2am on the 3rd. Thats my best guess.

You need to be mindful too that US and Euro time changes are a week apart and as HG is Euro centric I thought that may have had effect on your settings too. A quick look at this may answer a few questions too https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=224166

Also I always avoid automations that are programmed to run at midnight. One minute either side is usually fine. Some software struggle with that time. I’ve seen a few. Depends on the logic used by the programmer.

Thank You Petediscrete the link you provided was very
informative. My HG was back on track today so I now know what to
look for in future time changes. When I first noticed it was off
I researched it for several hours trying to figure out the problem
but now that I understand it I’m OK with it. Thanks again for
taking time to help. Edjal

You’re welcome.

You’ll find that HG is quite easy to use once you slowly work your way through it. It’s so simple to install and upgrade regularly. There’s plenty of help available here to allow you to negotiate your way through the system.

Hi Petediscrete I’m not sure if your referring to updating HG or
Rpi. I guess I assumed that HG’s periodic prompts to update is
all that was necessary for HG. My question is directed whta is
frequency of Upgrading RPi.

The instructions I gave you are for updating your RPI. There hasn’t been an update to HG for quite a long time. As you say you will get promoted by HG if any further updates become available.

Thank You for your instructions for updaring RPi my question is
should I repeat the instructions you gave me periodically ? if so
how often do you reccomend updating/Upgrading RPi? Thank you
again Edjal

To stay on top of things I recommend once per week but it’s entirely up to you. That schedule should keep you current in respect of security and base updates.

Ok Thank you so much