Door Locks (Kwikser)

90% of my home is on Homegenie; it is easy to set up rooms and devices in the rooms. Homegenie seamlessly integrates X10 but there are two drawbacks. I have to use an old and now obsolete Vera for my two Kwikset door locks and two lights. With Vera I can add and change up to five door lock codes remotely; I can lock and unlock doors and use lock events to trigger scenes. With Vera I can even use an event from a wall switch to trigger a scene but the older non cloud Vera is no longer supported and never included direct support for X10.
At it’s core Vera is CMH but relies heavily on JSON and Java scripting. I have tried to understand the code but do not have an integrated environment program to help me understand the dependencies. I do have have a copy of Vera OS is someone is better at reverse engineering than I am. Except for obsolescence of the OS and its reliance on an obsolete Insteon interface to do X10 Vera was perfect.

Do you have any knowledge of C# or Python. If not I suggest you look at something like MQTT (ideal for integration into HG) or Node Red. Your requirements you have stated are quite general so it’s difficult to determine what direction to point you in.

Have a look at this. It’s quite old but may give you some idea of what direction to take things in

NodeRed has JSON capabilities so might be a good choice. HG certainly could be used too, but if you don’t know C# or Python you might find using NR a bit easier especially with the active forum to ask questions to. NR functions can be written using JS but there are also shell nodes that expose things like Python.