Do GPIO function in HG for everyone?

I won’t go too deep into details as they are boring, but as a short version my HG setup broke and my backup cards were all conveniently faulty as well. In setting up a new installation, I can’t rebuild 1 for 1 as Wheezy is too old and not an option. I have a RPi1B that was working 100% with Wheezy + HG 501. I want to use a RPi3B for the updated setup since I have it sitting around already. I have not been able to find a configuration that works where the GPIO functions. I won’t go further unless requested as the list of what I’ve tested is long and boring.

Can others please confirm that they have HG on an RPi with GPIO’s that are functioning? If so, please provide the RPi HW info (RPi1B, RPiZW, RPi3B, etc), OS you are using (Buster, Stretch, etc), and the version of HG that you are using (either BE or Gene’s and the version number). I want want to test something on my end that is known to work so I can eliminate me causing the issue.

FWIW, I have confirmed that the GPIO does function on both cards via WiringPi. The only config I can confirm works is the first. I’ll list a few others and their outcome to prime things.

RPi1B, Jessie, HG 500 - WORKING
RPi3B, Jessie, HG 500 - No response
RPi1B, Buster, HG 1.3.19 - Not Working (Error when enabling GPIO handler)
RPi3B, Buster, HG 1.3.19 - Not Working (Error when enabling GPIO handler)