Display web page Link in a pop-up windows

Hi guys,
I’m trying to modify the Camera Input widget, I would use to open the link of a web page within a pop-up window, instead of using the standard HG link widget, (which allows to open a link by opening a new broswer window).

Is there anyone who can kindly direct me in the right way, or who has already done something similar?
Thank you

Possibly use a Generic widget and embed a url in it. Obviously you won’t get a camera preview that way but it should open your camera via the browser.

Hello Peter,
I believe I have not explained clearly.
What I’m trying to do is modify the Generic Link widget, because I would like the content of the web page to be displayed in a Pop-Up window directly on HG, rather than on a new page of the broswer (as it happens now).
I’m trying to take inspiration from the Camera widget, because when you click on this widget, a Pop-up window opens with the enlarged images of the camera.

There should be some useful snippets of code you could reuse for your purposes here http://old.homegenie.club:8080/www.homegenie.it/forum/index620a.html?topic=1530.0

This looks like it could be useful too http://old.homegenie.club:8080/www.homegenie.it/forum/index99f4.html?topic=1363.0

For the moment I have solved by changing the Javascript section of the Generic Link widget in this way:
(When I have time I will try to update it as I thought):

if (!this.Initialized) {
this.Initialized = true;
var groupname = this.GroupName;
var w = 800;
var h = 500;
var l = Math.floor((screen.width-w)/2);
var t = Math.floor((screen.height-h)/2);
widget.on(‘click’, function () {
//HG.Automation.Programs.Run(module.Address, groupname, null);
if (link != ‘’) {
window.open(link.Value, “”,“width=” + w + “,height=” + h + “,top=” + t + “,left=” + l);

In this way, by clicking on the link created, instead of leaving the HG page, a Pop-Up window is opened in the center of the screen from which you can navigate, and close it again when finished.

That’s perfect. You really are starting to make HG your own now. That was a nice bit of lateral thinking.