Deleting virtual modules

My MQTT code receives the traffic on my server and adds the values to virtual sensors in HG. This is fine, but there are virtual sensors that o no longer need (created unintentionally during testing). I have reset the database and deleted the unwanted modules via maintenance -> module cleanup. However, the APP still lists them and they keep coming back. If anyone has some thoughts, I’d appreciate sharing.

Actually I don’t know but maybe delete them from modules.xml file?

I created issue 321 on github.

What is a virtual module used for anyway? :slight_smile:

In this case, it’s a sensor used to display data only. The module is real, but HG only sees the data it receives over MQTT. I wondered why that makes it a virtual module myself, but it doesn’t really matter as its just nomenclature.

OK Thanks. Lets say I wanted to implement a “flag” … like I am thinking that I want to have an x10 remote switch that disables my dusk to dawn lighting… when I push OFF-- the dusk to dawn controls will be ignored and when I push ON- they will be obeyed.

Would I use a virtual module to implement this sort of “flag” ? Or is there a better way for this?

You could use the status of a module to control other actions. That module could certainly be virtual. I think virtual modules are intended as code generated ot code controlled, but I suppose you could probably have on that’s switched by a physical switch (rf or plc). You might just use an actual module though since you have a switch controlling it.

Fwiw, I considered doing this as a way to override scheduled events at one time. It should work fine.

Thanks for the info.

BTW, what version are you running now? Did you update to the new scheduler etc? I am on R525 and wondering if I should update. I want to add a zwave device and couldn’t get it to work on R525 and I was hoping there might be some improvements… but I cant afford the typical upgrade headache at this time :slight_smile:

I’m running r525 also.