Debugging the X10 communication

Is there a way to see the debugging output of the XTen library?
The code in [] has logger entries that would be helpful such as logger.Warn(“Command acknowledge timeout”);

I have a CM15 and it works for radio sensors but does not seem to be working for security sensors. The XTen library has some checks and filters that are “logged” to show progress and events, but I don’t know how to enable these for my debian HG running on a RPi.

Another thought: Skip HG and debug with mochad?

you should be able to just edit your Nlog.config to file in the hg installation folder

and change the line:

        <logger name="*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="debugger" />
        <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="logfile" />

to an appropriate logging level for the file…

Alternatively - you can start homegenie at the console (stop the service sudo /etc/init.d/homegenie stop should to the trick.

then start homegenie at the console with:

sudo mono /usr/local/bin/homegenie/Homegenie.exe

You should then have trace logging by default at the console.

Thanks David,

My NLog.config contains only:

Also I start/stop with systemctl (new Debian method)

X10 standard house/unit commands show in the log. Not sure about extended commands. Try

cat /usr/local/bin/homegenie/log/homegenie.log

Below is what I look for with single unit codes. Not sure what extended command would look like, but would expect to see in the log.

Here are command samples sent out of Homegenie to CM15A

2018-03-13 18:32:04.0410 Debug 04-AD
2018-03-13 18:32:05.4178 Debug 55
2018-03-13 18:32:05.4182 Debug Command succesfull
2018-03-13 18:32:05.4194 Debug 06-A2
2018-03-13 18:32:05.8578 Debug 55
2018-03-13 18:32:05.8582 Debug Command succesfull
2018-03-13 18:32:05.8591 Info HomeAutomation.X10 D8 - Status.Level 1

2018-03-13 18:32:08.9412 Debug 04-AD
2018-03-13 18:32:09.9297 Debug 55
2018-03-13 18:32:09.9301 Debug Command succesfull
2018-03-13 18:32:09.9301 Debug 06-A3
2018-03-13 18:32:10.3617 Debug 55
2018-03-13 18:32:10.3622 Debug Command succesfull
2018-03-13 18:32:10.3622 Info HomeAutomation.X10 D8 - Status.Level 0

Here are commands samples sent to CM15A and then to Homegenie via PLC

2018-03-13 18:32:32.2816 Debug 5A-02-00-A1
2018-03-13 18:32:32.2821 Debug PLCRX: 5A-02-00-A1
2018-03-13 18:32:32.2821 Debug DATA : A1
2018-03-13 18:32:32.2821 Debug FNMAP: 00
2018-03-13 18:32:32.2821 Debug 0) Address = D5
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6977 Debug 5A-02-01-A3
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6982 Debug PLCRX: 5A-02-01-A3
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6982 Debug FNMAP: 01
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6982 Debug DATA : A3
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6989 Debug 0) House code = D
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6989 Debug 0) Command = Off
2018-03-13 18:32:32.6989 Info HomeAutomation.X10 D5 - Status.Level 0

2018-03-13 18:32:36.3135 Debug 5A-02-00-A1
2018-03-13 18:32:36.3141 Debug FNMAP: 00
2018-03-13 18:32:36.3141 Debug DATA : A1
2018-03-13 18:32:36.3141 Debug PLCRX: 5A-02-00-A1
2018-03-13 18:32:36.3141 Debug 0) Address = D5
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7296 Debug 5A-02-01-A2
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7300 Debug PLCRX: 5A-02-01-A2
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7300 Debug FNMAP: 01
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7300 Debug DATA : A2
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7300 Debug 0) House code = D
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7300 Debug 0) Command = On
2018-03-13 18:32:36.7312 Info HomeAutomation.X10 D5 - Status.Level 1

Thanks - I get that too. For some reason the app no longer sees the RF Security (door, window). I even put the module right next to the CM15A. I wonder if there is some HomeGenie setting that enables and initializes the RF Security just as it does the house codes.

I need to dig deeper into the XTen source code.

I thought I read somewhere that the x10 security range of sensors had problems being interpreted by the CM15 in HG.

Maybe bkenobi would be more familiar with this issue.

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Are the codes coming out of Mochad?

My knowledge of extended codes is very limited. Active Home Pro will generate and receive ex codes. Check with for everything up to the USB port.

HG was confusing for me in the beginning on X10 RF, because I use TM751 and R501 transceivers for RF. The codes are sent to the CM15A or CM11A via PLC. Therefore, I don’t use the HG X10 packages.

Are you using the X10 virtual mapper and doorwindow widget in HG?

I had an X10 RF widget - it worked for over a year.

I still have to install and test the raw data with mochad.

I need to get modern. Some people have come up with innovative ways to use the doorwindow sensor:
Refrigerator door open alert
Toilet seat up alert
Mail delivery alert.

Will see if I can pick one up for testing.

If we had a few more security alarm control panel addons we would have an endless supply of sensors we could use which would be a lot cheaper than Z-Wave sensors.


Using mochad I can see the regular house codes but not the RF Security codes. So it must be the CM15A unit. I searched to see if there is a security enable / disable command or setting. No luck yet.

I’m nearly sure the DS range of sensors belonging to the x10 security panel controllers are not picked up by the CM15. It’s only the MS range that work with the CM15 controller.

I have a working solution if you use a texecom panel :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. I’m using a US manufactured GE Concord 4. It’s an analogue system with an RS232 module which connects to my serial2usb port. I’d love if someone could write a HS addon for this panel.

Are you aware of any add-ons? I might be able to adapt what I have for you if you can get data out of the panel?

this program might give you an idea what is happening with my GE Concord alarm panel

found the old thread:;prev_next=next

@Bounz Could you split this alarm convo off onto a seperate thread and we can try and progress this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do anything with old forum’s snapshot.
You can only copy-paste text to the new posts on the new forum.

I meant the conversation from on here :slight_smile: