Cron jobs

I am trying to create an irrigation contrail program within H.G. (C#) but I can’t find any examples of how I could do the timing eg setting a corn job programmatically.
My idea is to have a settings menu on the zones module where the user can set the days and the time they want the operation to start and stop. But how can I convert the request into a corn job.
I understand how to create the user input but not how to set / change or do a corn job. in H.G.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Ian R

Hi, @IanR.

Well, previously there was Timetable module to turn modules on/off or do other activities on a schedule. But then it has been deprecated and Gene introduced new Schedule page.
There you can create a schedule (using cron expressions), bind it to modules and select a program to run. Then the program will be run and bound modules will be passed to the program.

Please, take a look at this help page:

Thank you for the reply.
I am not shore the schedule can do what I am after (still tying to understand its) as I need logic to determine it I need to run the schedule and the off time is also programmatically determined. (both on moisture in soil level, from moisture sensors).
I have found this code and am having a play to see if I can use it.

I will let you know if successful but have only limed time so it could take a while.


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