Control.RfSend command not working in latest HG version?

Line 1 is equivalent to line 3.
Line 1 sends RF command, line 3 send PLC command.
Line 3 runs fine, line 1 does not send

I found that Control.RfSend appears to have been broken in Version v1.3-stable.19

I found that REceiver.RawData DOES work.

Can someone else try using cm15a Control.RF.Send please to verify if it is just my install or indeed an issue with this version?

If so, can someone help with a work around please?

(I use RfSend to arm/disarm external X10 security module); this stopped working some time ago - my guess 3 months past?)

More testing… it might be my cm15a not tranmitting, altho I seem to recall the RfSend command used to show happening in the small pop up window on top right of HG screen; it does not show at all now.

Rf raw data both rx/tx working fine and displaying in the status pop up on CM15 here. All the registered security X10 remote commands between HG and the X10 security panel and all x10 security sensors reading in the on screen status pop up in HG too all in HG v19.

Thank you for confirmation my issue is not HG. All my security devices do show up receiving in HG, just no Control.RfSend commands (regular or security) show in HG pop up or actually transmit from cm15a.

I am not sure in HG log if what I see means they are being commanded or not - too confusing. Maybe you could peek at it and tell me if you think my HG is indeed trying to send the RF transmit command to cm15a? Any idea why it would say runtime error running the program? I have program 1026 as only line 1 above.

Neither the api version of RfSend:

or program line Rf.Send version work for security keyfobs or plain x10 devices. Why I figured HG RfSend command stopped working.

Thanks for your reply.

Looking back in the log months ago when the RfSend worked, other than the first line now saying runtime error, the actual logged sending looks identical I think:

What’s the runtime error saying. Does it reference anything in particular . It sounds like the RF function on the CM15 is not actually working properly. Without seeing a bit more detail it’s difficult to say. Try disabling the CM15 in Settings, unplugging the CM15, plugging it in again and enabling CM15 in Settings again. Have you any other USB ports in use on the RPI along with the CM15 that may be causing a conflict. Check dmesg on your OS to ensure that the CM15 is being correctly identified and assigned the correct port.

Petediscrete, Thanks for thoughts and ideas.

OK. I turned off cm15 ENABLE in HG, unplugged its USB, restarted HG via maintenance page, replugged in cm15, reENABLED it in HG.

Run simple program to send RF (see attached). Nothing reported in HG pop up window, no RF sent.

Only other USB used is the SSD drive.

Typed dmesg and WOW! got pages of stuff… looking thru it now… Lots of gobligook but nothing that tells me anything I can understand.

I really do not look forward to trying to reinstall HG…

Unplug the CM15 first. Then plug it back in. Straight after type dmesg. The last entry on the output will tell you how Raspbian has recognised your CM15. Next enter lsb at the terminal. That should confirm what the OS sees as connected to your RPI.

If your CM15 is operational in AHP it should be working in HG too. If you have a second CM15 try that. Something in your network could be interfering with your X10 RF signal. It really is a case of swapping in and out equipment to see what could be causing the problem.

I’m running an RPI3b+ with Buster and everything is fine. I’m not sure v19 was ever tested on the RPI4 by the developer so who knows. He shows so little interest these days I’m surprised anyone is still bothering with HG.

In fact if you didn’t particularly need a CM15 I’d ditch it and go the CM19 route. It’s a lot more stable as far as HG is concerned.

I will try the isb thing tomorrow.

What alternative do we have to use X10 equipment for alarm systems besides HG?

I have no cm19’s, but have about 4 pc cm15a so there is that.

There’s a number of alternatives out there. Depends on what you’re looking for. Home Assistant but you need to put a bit of work in. Home Seer have a Raspberry Pi version of their system. Reasonably priced and will do PL and RF. The bonus here is you get a hell of a lot more on top of X10 too. Domoticz can do X10. Fairly basic but it can be adapted for use. OpenHAB does X10 well too.

Yes HG does X10 well but every other aspect of it is slowly falling away. Support for it is practically non existent and questions go unanswered. If you can develop and support it yourself you should be fine.

I have a number of X10 devices still in use so I continue to use HG. I can only speak for HG on the RPI3+ using Buster and it’s quite stable on that. As I said I doubt v19 was used as a test bed for the RPI4 so I can’t comment on that setup.

All you can do is ensure the hardware side of your setup is functioning correctly. I’ve seen the CM19 on sale in the US for $17 so it might be worth your while grabbing one or two before they are discontinued like they were in Europe.

Decide what the centre point of your home automation setup is and work around that. If you find that your X10 home security panel is the centre point I’d go the CM19 and a couple of transceivers route

Just to finish this out, I found the cm15a was not tansmitting RF. when I again hooked up to AHP and wrote a macro to send RF disarm, it did not. Would not even report it in F2 log. Tested the additional 4 cm15a’s I have and found another with no RF transmit, 2 with no PLC sending, and 1 that did it all. Replaced it and back working. Receive range is down as this one does not have the external 1/4 wave receive antenna, but an added 10" length wrapped around the original 1/8 wave antenna extended range enough to function.

I need the PLC function so cannot use my little cm19. Guess I will stick with HG for the foreseeable future. A friend just cleared his garage and gave me his bin full of X10 stuff (another cm15, a couple huge 2.4ghz audio something units, about 20 DS10’s, many remotes & keyfobs…

Exactly my initial thought. RF wasn’t functioning correctly on the CM15. If you’re sticking with X10 and need the RF/PL combo you might want to purchase a new CM15. I assume they are still on sale in the US. Yes HG would be your best bet if you’re staying the distance with X10. Once your RF is transmitting/receiving properly you’ll find your security panel will interact with HG more efficiently.