Cm15 driver for windows 10?

Anyone out there have a windows 10 driver for a windows install? My pi died and Windows 10 keeps killing my CM15 driver, CM11 too. I managed to lock update from updating the driver, but in the meantime the driver is gone. Will re-installing the old AHP give me back a driver? Or is this gone until I replace the RPi? Any tips would be appreciated.

Dave (again)

I don’t use HG on Windows but you do realize that all the necessary X10 drivers needed by Windows are actually built into the HG installer for Windows. In fact you should remove any old X10 drivers used by other X10 applications before installing HG on your Windows machine.

Do yourself a favour though. Get another RPI to replace the broken one. It’s a lot less trouble.

The CM15A driver in AHP is not the same as what HG needs. If you install AHP to get the CM15A recognized, it will prevent HG from using it. At that point, you need to uninstall the driver so HG can install the correct one.

Windows updates also updates drivers unless you have selected to not allow drivers to be updated. You should beable to revert to the last working drivers. However if you don’t disable driver updates the fix will be short lived. As @bkenobi stated the AHP drivers are different the what HG uses but if you need those they are on your pc.

Thank you both.
I have now deleted all unused drivers and Removed HomeGenie. I will be trying the re-install this on my my windows desktop next weekend.
i believe my problem was the old AHP driver and windows updates. I have now removed authorization for Windows Update drivers and hopefully this will work until my new pi arrives.
I hope to update to a RPi 4 but will try a fresh install on my old pi on a new card first. I have had a number of odd failures. This may just be the next one.
Thank you again for your assistance.

When you say your Pi died are you sure it was the Pi and not the SD card or possibly the power supply. I have numerous amounts of different Pi models and not one has ever failed. Sounds like all you need is a fresh install on a new SD card.

By all means if you do have an older Pi use it. You don’t need a cutting edge model to run HG if it’s mainly being used for X10. Don’t waste your time with HG on Windows. It’s just way too cumbersome these days.

Not that you need an RPI4 to run HG but good luck if you manage to source one. Supply chain issues in Asia have caused major supply problems worldwide. Again an RPI2+ upwards is more than capable of handling HG.

I used an RPi1B for a long time and, while it worked up to the day I retired it, speed was an issue. The RPi3B was more than fast enough and although I have a RPi4B that I purchased to use for HG among other things, it’s still sitting to the side because the RPi3B is plenty fast. I couldn’t justify wasting the performance on just HG. The irony I guess is that the RPi4 is now being wasted sitting on a desk unused. :joy:

+1 on that. In fact it’s the first piece of tech I’ve bought that has a higher resale value than the purchase price I originally paid for it. An accidental investment one could say :joy: Let the bidding begin.

Excellent advise from both of you. I will be finding a set of micro sd cards and giving them a try. I truely like the RPi for HomeGenie and will work at getting it working properly again. Fortunately HG is nearly totally backed up and should restore as quickly as it has in the past.

I believe I have identified the cause of many of my difficulties. My CM15 Has a very loose connection on the USB port which required a little plug adjustment. This, along with a power outage while we were on holiday may have started this latest merry little run-a-round. Over the next week or so I should be able to source the cards and try this again.

Once again my thanks for all the help and advice you folks have given me in keeping this running and the troubleshooting tips I have greatfully received .


Depending on the version you had installed before, you may run into issues restoring. Make sure you install the same version (or as close as possible) you used to have. The newest version doesn’t like restores from a few versions back (which works out to be several years of development).

Found the problem.

My CM15 a died after many faithful years of service. This happened while we were away and everything was shut down. The old CM11 was in no better shape, nearly the same age so it didn’t owe me anything either. I went into the Containers of my old old stuff and found my old original CM11 from the 80s and everything is working again, but on Windows 10. I will be replacing my CM15 and micro SD cards as soon as I can and the old faithfuls will be once again abandoned in the garage.

Thanks again for all your help.


Don’t forget your CM11 will work nicely with your RPI too out of the box. Again the drivers are built in so it’s a simple case of plug n go. Try it and you’ll see for yourself.