Can't get GPIO module to work

I’ve got a fair size Z-Wave network controlled by HomeGenie on an RPi. This part is working well. I’m trying to add some GPIO inputs and outputs to the system, but cannot get the HG GPIO program to work. Symptoms are as follows.

  • gpio readall shows that the configuration programmed on the C# new GpioConnection is being passed correctly to the OS. I can see in/out status change in the gpio readall output. I can also see the export entries in /sys/class/gpio come and go as I enable/disable the GPIO program. All good I think.

  • If I use the HG switch module however, there is no change in the GPIO output. Ditto, no change when using a sensor module with GPIO input.

  • If I write to the export file entries directly, e.g. with echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio23 then the output voltage appears correctly, so the lower level drivers seem to be working OK.

Can anyone help?

Good luck with your problem. Maybe if you post on the authors GitHub you might get an answer to your problem. I’m not ZWave user so I can’t help.