Can the camera widgit in HG show camera feads that use rtsp://?
I can’t seem to get any of my cameras to show up.
I know my camera address from using zoneminder but I use rtsp?

As far as I know it only ever supported snapshot url. That’s all I’ve ever used anyway.

There was a time way back on the Raspberry Pi in Raspbian Wheezy it was working with V4L drivers but hasn’t worked since.

I will have to see if I can do snapshot.

@Petediscrete did you look at the camera code to see if the update I made will make the camera work again? I suspect the reason it may have stopped working is because the code that looks for what board you are running broke when Raspbian changed how it responded with the chip being used. The new code for the Raspbian.System.dll will now tell HG what board you are using again so perhaps the camera will now work.

If not, then it may require a similar modification in a different section.

That could well have solved the problem. I’ll dig out the CSI camera module and try it. That would be a big help.

I assume I just need to drop your modified dll into the relevant folder.

Strange when others were looking into this issue they didn’t come across your solution.

I dont have the module and only briefly looked at the code this afternoon so I’m no expert. But if the code stopped working after Wheezy, it’s worth checking.

Yes, copy the file to the root HG path and it should work directly. You may need to stop the service before copying.

What I’ll do is setup a second instance of HG with the on board camera where I can test all the work you’ve done recently.

It would be nice if other users could help with a bit of testing too. From your recent discoveries HG needs a bit of an overhaul. That might be a bit of an understatement.

I set up a second instance of HG on another PI.Dropped your revised system files in and everything booted fine. No change in the camera situation. The V4L MIG won’t even install. Nothing has been done on this MIG since 2015 so I reckon there’s a lot more work to be done on this.Unlike Wheezy kernel the current Buster kernel includes V4L so I reckon that may be a reason for the MIG not installing. No MIG means no option to add the module.

I glanced at the MIG V4L code the other day and couldn’t make any sense of it. I have no clue how it even work.

I think the Linux kernel changes and firmware upgrades since 2015 when the v4L MIG was last worked on has been vast. In fact to get it to work in Wheezy it was required that you downgraded the V4L driver installed by Raspbian and built on older version for it to work in HG.

I’ll look back at some old notes I have for Raspbian Wheezy and HG and see if I can make any sense out of all this. I still reckon your revision will help resolve this problem though. The correct BCM driver wasn’t loading on HG boot and now it is.