Built in program 112 "Automatic Turn Off" function?

In checking for extraneous programs running in my HG, I came across this one under X10 programs. It is one I really would love to use but I cannot figure out how to. I enabled it, but it does not seem to add a ‘turn off delay’ choice to any of my x10 modules. Program looks like if a turn off delay value is not entered, it does nothing. I really could use this program as my attempts at turning off modules in a given time seem to rather turn them on more often than not!

Sounds like something Smart Lights or Advanced Smart Lights can do.

Was this a program you installed yourself from one of the forums

being program no. 112, it comes with HG as built in std program available if enabled.

It should work fine, but it needs to add its TIME_DELAY field line to the x10 modules and it does not as far as I can see. Like Tuicemen added his smart emailer lines to each module. I do not know how to add it or I would.

Open the program and you should see an Options box that allows for any additional parameters you may need to add before running the program.