Boiler Switch Pop-up from the grave?

New user coming from nearly two decades of X10 and two years of Smartthings.

I have HG installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ on a 32GB card. Everything works great and it interfaces very well to my X10 CM15 Pro. I have 1/2 dozen modules working and they are very responsive. I am now working on the Alexa bridge, but first…

I have a notification pop-up in the upper right hand corner of the HG gui alerting me to a Boiler Switch event.

I’m quite sure I’ve cleared out all the modules, widgets, etc. and can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop it!

I’m sure this was set up as an example module but, like I said, I’ve deleted everything and it’s driving me crazy!

Thanks for any help!

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Haha! I gave up trying to purge that from mine over 1/2 year ago! I will be watching this for a solution!

If you’re not using the Energy Monitor program just disable it.

it will be one of the demo apps or the stuff on the main page from install.

I have a powershell script for specifically getting rid of all this noise!

Hey Geewiz,

Can you explain how to make a bridge between Alexa and HG simply if possible with local http request without IFTTT ?
Now that is impossible with Googgle home and I don’t like that, always must use an external producer bridge.

Thank’s for help

@Geewiz Try to delete all automation programs from the Demo folder:

Hi Dani…I am very new to HG and still trying to figure this all out myself. I’ve been running a dedicated PC 24/7 to control X10 devices. The PC runs X10 Active Home Pro which interfaces to the CM15 controller. The HA-bridge interfaces with Alexa. All of this works alongside and with my Smartthings hub.

I’m attempting to move all this onto a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Hence the move to HomeGenie.

HomeGenie has proven very stable but I’m running into trouble getting the bridge to work. If I figure that out I’ll report here.

While working on this, the boiler switch issue has come up and is driving me crazy! I thought I killed all the demo modules, but have obviously missed something!

What version of HG are you using. Is it Bounz version or Genes latest version 1.2 v34

The EchoBridge was tested on Bounz version. I’m not sure if anyone has tested it on Genes latest version.

Also what else are you running on your network that interfaces with Alexa that may be conflicting with HG.

Is the circular icon in the top right hand side of the screen still greyed out once you enable EchoBridge.

Geewiz, your reminder about the obnoxious boiler sw got me to try to rid myself of it again… Of course I have no ‘demo’ group, and the energy usage thing is cute so do not want to dump it.

I just went to config->maintenance->configuration & data-> modules cleanup->select modules and found the boiler switch in the list; I deleted it. Maybe that will make it history!

That works, Mike…thank you!

Where did you download your version of HG. The demos are part of the stock install yet you say you never had them.

cool beans. thanks for letting me know I helped someone!!!

Petedescrite, I am sorry, I have no clue what you are asking.

I’m not asking you anything.

I’m stating that the Demo program came as part of the stock install of HG so you must have had it at some point unless you compiled from the GitHub or installed outside of the gdebi installer.

OK. Can I offer you anything to help you understand something?

I don’t think so Mike but thanks for the offer.

The Boiler Switch module is a left over from the Demo program and clearly wasn’t deleted when the Demo program was deleted.

Any unused modules can be removed with Module Cleanup as you highlighted or removed manually in the /usr/local/bin/homegenie folder or wherever you installed HG to.

Glad to see you resolved your problem though.