Arduino and firmware firmata

Hello everyone,
I recently discovered this system and I am impressed.
I’m trying to manage the heating system of my house with your program,
I use a raspberry pi 3 and a arduino mega with the firmware Firmata.
I looked in the old forum but I did not find anything. I wanted to know if the development of firmware Firmata support was planned.
PS: if you give me the right tips I could do it myself.
PPS: sorry for the bad english :frowning:

Don’t know anything about Firmata, but don’t think there is any support for it. But a quick look at what it is I think you could probably do the same thing with MySensors. And there is support for MySensors with HG, but I don’t know how complete it is. But it is a user program so you should have no problem with fixing or adding things if something is missing. And of course share your additions with the community =)

it should be possible for adding support for firmata… its implemented in the windows 10 IOT image, so may be possible to port it to .net

It might be easier to communicate in other ways though… I am using MQTT between rpi and esp32 / esp8266… alternatively my 433mhz remote control interface using arduinio and rc-switch library I have the arduino connected to the pi via usb and just send commands over serial currently.