Well I’ve been playing around and its very crude initially and wants splitting out for a native powershell script rather than being embedded in the YML file, but I now have an appveyor build that produces a deb file.

I haven’t actually looked at what project builds the windows installer so havent sorted that yet!

Not sure if the link will work but it is here:


ignore the versioning but a release is here - dont use it for anything than testing!!


Next steps I guess are:

create tgz archive
create windows installer
Code coverage report
Unit test project



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This definitely has to be done, but right now many of HG classes are not testable. Also, current UI implementation on jQuery UI Mobile is too complicated and thus not maintainable. This winter I spent some time playing with vue.js framework, but after that Gene said that he might rewrite HG UI on his new js framework Zuix so I postponed my work.

That’s why I put my effort on writing unit-tests for ZWaveLib library.

Agreed - I think adding tests for the bits that can change, and the bits I’m toying with adding at some point.

I’m not as concerned with the front end - as I don’t really use it - in my opinion the smart home shouldn’t need a UI… so I only use it occasionally :slight_smile:

Done a bit more work on this and now have it building all packages, so as can be seen with 171… here:

minor tweaks are needed to edit the ISS file before build to insert the version number - but minor :slight_smile:

Personal preference is that beta should be removed from the name and sort out draft releases :slight_smile:

Good work, @David_Wallis!

Can you tell what ISS is an abbreviation for? Also noticed, that on line 4 of appveyor.yml you have version 1.0.buildNo, and during pushing artifact to GitHub you use version 1.1.buildNo.

iss is the file format for inno setup that gene has used to package the
windows deployment. Good spot with version, I’ll get that updated

Finally got around to tidying my git branches (IE Started again without using master - oops… I use TFSVC normally!) and have now created a new branch called appveyor and pushed that… hopefully Gene wont mind as a little config will be required his side but should then make it easier to release more frequently - especially if we add a unit test project and try and add more tests…

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Well, as Gene doesn’t respond me on emails and do nothing with pull requests, I’ve created my own fork of HomeGenie’s main repository and merged your branch, thank you!
Made some minor changes to appveyor.yml by extracting powershell script into separate file.

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Good work Bounz. Maybe we can get the guy on G+ with the RFLink addition to make a pull request against your branch?

I also have a small thing that maybe fix a little bug that I can create a pull request for.