Anyone else having problems with Bulllseye?

Yes, Its me again. Every time I start getting comfortable with my Install of HG it seems I must stub my toe on something. I ran update/upgrade/reboot on Friday morning and lost my system. No function from HG. OK no problem. Plug in a different card and back to it. Plug my ssd into Win 10 Desktop and restore image. Been fighting with This ever since. I have been fighting with router updating, bad images of Bullseye, and through out it all, power failures and general nasty weather outside. Right now I am burning a Buster image and installing HG on it to see if it is possible I have a bad image. I will let you know what I find.

Just spent the last 55 minutes formatting, installing Buster and then HG without errors or problems. Guess I will wait a couple of weeks then try again with Bullseye. Somehow Bullseye seems less important now.

Have a read through this. There has been changes to the installer that may affect your Bullseye setup but I haven’t had time to test it yet. These changes may well be at the root of your problem. If I do see any I’ll post here with the results

If you find it easier to see all this on video

Thanks Petediscrete! Now the difficulties I had make more sense. I will go over this before I try again.


I can confirm that with Raspbian Bullseye and HG already installed previously I ran an OS update and HG started back up with no issues so it appears that those new changes I highlighted appear to have had no direct impact on HG functioning correctly

Can you confirm the exact steps you took when running the OS update.I do understand you already had Raspbian Bullseye and HG in stalled and were just doing an OS update.

Do remember to keep a spare working SD card with HG already installed handy particularly when doing an OS upgrade so you avoid hours of frustration trying to fix your problems. Of course if you take an image copy of your card and store that image on your hardisk or USB pen drive you’ll always have a backup.

After reading about the changes made, all became clear. A power outage at precisely the wrong moment caused scrambling of the update and much frustration on my part. Fortunately I had backups so after reading the link and understanding the change made, I had Bullseye installed, and HG up and running again within an hour, including the IMG burn. All is well now.

Allow me once again to thank you for your guidance in getting this appliction up and running. This all started with me attempting to set up remote access with no-ip as I had with Buster. Apparently I am going to rely on timers while we are away this summer.
not a problem as we have done it before.

With thanks yet again

I thought so. Just me mindful for future reference how the Raspbian installation process has changed and you’ll no longer have a default pi user setup on your system. Also keep an eye on the Pi Foundation press releases before doing any further OS updates so you can keep surprises to a minimum :joy:

Can this issue be resolved by creating a pi user before installing any further software?

I haven’t tried installing Bullseye since the new install process was introduced. Theoretically the name pi is just another two letters from the alphabet so I imagine you could use this combination as a user name unless it’s been blacklisted for any reason. I imagine the only requirement here is that the user gets to setup an actual user name at install time rather than the system defaulting to one.

Just a quick comment to tie this up. HG is now working perfectly. Now got my connection working online with Dynu. Just in time for me to get the camper out of the remains of winter and ready for its next adventure. Thanks again for the support I have received here and everything works until the next time something stupid happens.