Any new development with HomeGenie

Hi Guys. Things have gotten fairly quiet on the HomeGenie front over the last couple of months.

Have you any further plans on new development in HomeGenie. The section on App Contributions on the old forum used to be quite active. I haven’t seen much of this activity since the project was forked.

As a HomeGenie user under the Raspberry Pi platform I was wondering had you made any progress on providing an image that potential users could just download, install and get up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Hi Peter,

There are upcoming changes in my family, so I can’t spend a lot of time to HG development right now.
Personally, I stuck with moving all editable files into one folder ( I’m going to finish this work, but I can’t give any estimates. This work is tightly coupled with the work on new images (both docker, .deb and .zip distributions).

By the way, there is a number of easy to fix issues on GitHub marked with “good first issue” label, so any help is appreciated.

I hear you Bounz. Family comes first always.

I was hoping that others with the technical skill sets would come on board with this effort. Unfortunately for some reason members of the old forum have chosen not to come back and contribute.

Being an open source project it provides so many with the opportunity to contribute material and ideas and test and exchange them with others. There are not many other platforms that will allow you to do this free of charge. I suppose the mindset these days is, if it’s cheap or free there must be something wrong with it.

I’ll continue to deploy and test HomeGenie when possible and hope that others can continue to contribute in any they can to help keep HomeGenie alive and relevant.

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