Amazon Alexa


Ok thanks, I figured as much.
I’ll fine tune my SmartThings approach.
Once I’ve got it cleaned up I’ll start a new thread for Google Home.


I am using Google Home with HG.
HomeGenie + Google Home
The only problem is that Google Home is cloud base. To have it availlable easly for everyone will require a dedicated cloud server. then we could have this cloud server communicate with each personnal system. This is what OpenHab did.


Forgive my ignorance but what the difference from opening the bridge to Alexa and opening HG to Alexa?
What security has the bridge got that HG dose not?


As far as I can see it’s purey down to integration in one solution against a third party intervention outside of HG in the other. One solution is neater than the other.


Dose using the bridge give any security advantages of using a skill and exposing HG ?
As there is this video ( that shows a way to write a GET request skills and as all element of HG are assessable by GET requests, as every light, switch, etc is also a http address.
Would it not be better if you can use Alexa to request sensor data (temp etc) as well as switch on a light?


It depends on the level of your paranoia :wink:
In general, that might be dangerous to expose your home automation controller to the internet, as it can be exploited by abusers.


Paranoia level high if not very high that why I not want an Alexa but that is not my choice OH want it.
If the bridge can operate your light/ switches from the net how is it safer? (encrypted etc?)
Dose the bride / Alexa use any authentication?
How dose the bridge communicate with HG?
Sorry for so may question but paranoia is high :wink:


Been trying to do more research and read that it looks like Alexa contrails HAbridge directly on local net only is that correct?
If that is the case that good news for paranoia.


Yes, when you use HA Bridge (as a standalone service or as an interface for HG made by @David_Wallis), Alexa “sees” it and communicate with it directly in the local network, and the Bridge proxies Alexa’s request to the home automation software (HG in our case).


If I understand Alexa also contrails WeMo directly. am I correct?
WeMo has sensors. So is there a bridge for WeMo so we could get Alexa to read out sensor information from HG.
Would that not make Alexa HG a better setup?
Just an idea.


Of course it would.
But it requires a lot of time for exploration of capabilities of Alexa, because they are not documented well.