Alternate option to 3 day hi/low Weather display

The current OpenWeatherMap and widget has some issues.
most if not all of these I’ve managed to over come. the 3day hi/low values displaying the same just irks me. Most users probable just don’t care as they seldom look at HG it just runs and the only time they look at the web layout is to add a device, timer or schedule .
The issue isn’t in HG code but the OpenWeather API so I figured lets utilize what the API does supply in place of the hi low values the hight low and temperature values are all delivered as the same value so I used the hi value and the 3 day humidity values.
I managed to get something more useable for me and added the program code to a current pull request.
for user that can’t wait for this to be implemented you can make required changes from info supplied in this issue:
Note: fixes for other issues are addressed here as well.
I’ve yet to find where in the HG code widget info is store however as soon as I do I’ll get a pull request for it posted as well.

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Ok found the spot to change the widget info in the HG code. However I believe the needs to be changed as well for the pull request but not sure how to do that yet. :thinking:

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Hi @Tuicemen,
Thanks for this addition. I started from your change an added also the Humidity for the current day and changed the icons.

I think it would be good to make it a new package, so no change to HomeGenie is required. I will prepare one, so it get easy to try and provide feedback. Once done I will post the link here so anyone interested can give it a try.

In meantime, it looks like this:


Unfortunately this provider does not support day/night temperatures (unless you pay a lot for the 16day forecast).

Let me know if you have comment and have a great day or night :wink:


Hi Autobob, this is a grat work
Looking from the site web it would seem that perhaps the Maximum and Minimum temperature are available for the current day without the subscription 16 days Forecast.

@autobob nice work!
The reason I went the route I did was to make ise of the temperature and humidity dispay that is already coded to appear at the top of the page. At the time Genie was actively updating so i figured this would have been implemented. There is already another open weather display available by jkutils but we can never have to many options. :wink:

It’s tiring using a weather source only to find there’s limitations on its use.

I suggest using Apixu as its fully open source without limitations. Just create an account here to get your free API key.

It should be quite easy for you to integrate it with HG.