Ademco AD2USB Alarm Panel program-compile errors

@Bounz having similar errors trying to compile the above program as I did with email attachments. Obsolete string errors popping up on quite a number of lines.

It appears the compiler does not like the { character.

Is there some way I can replace the offending character with a character it does like.

You could try: (char)123


Would that account for the obsolete string errors I’m getting from the compiler. I thought there might have been a bit more to it than that.

I dont know where you are getting them, I thought you just wanted an alternate way of writing them! sorry!

Sorry for the confusion.

I’m just examining the program to see how it works. Once again I notice the Obsolete String warning from the compiler on any line that is showing { …the open brace bracket.Is there an alternative to this character or is it a syntax error or a structure error.

Well, as I can’t reproduce these errors on my setup, could you please attach a screenshot or/and a full text of these errors?

Generally speaking { and } are used in C# to define a code block, so they can’t be obsolete

This is the program I’m trying to compile within HG. Could you possibly try to compile it there yourself and see what results you get.

I was able to compile it successfully:

Therefore, I still ask you to attach a screenshot and/or a full text of errors you see.
And also write the version of HG you are running.

@Bounz thanks

I think I’ve sorted the problem. I’m running on HG v1.1.15. I was interested in how the program was written as it is similar to an alarm panel program I need. I don’t have an Ademco security panel so I can’t test it. I’m running on a Raspberry Pi and this program has only been tested in Windows.