My google home integration setup with old X10 units

hmmm… that explains why the old json method is still working even thought its v1.3… looks like its only in the current v1.3beta that HTTP Basic authentication has been deprecated

will have to be careful not to update from current version in case “beta comes out of beta” !

quite a lot to read here …

What version of HG have you got installed. Beta 1.3 v35 was the last release nearly a year ago. I don’t see anything new being released in the coming months so I imagine it will stay on v35 for the foreseeable future.

mines v1.3-stable5, update manager shows no updates, i assume once the current 1.3beta matures it will become 1.4 and the basic http authentication will stop working

No. You can see all the Beta releases since the https was introduced. You can take it that the last beta release is the last release. Very little development work has been carried out on HG in the last couple of years so whatever you plan to implement just go ahead and do it. Don’t be waiting on a release candidate as it may never happen. The latest beta is as stable as it gets.