Fibaro keyfob

Hello all, been away from HG for some time but hopefully back now.
I am trying to get a new keyfob from Fibaro to work but I can’t get HG to recognise the different buttons (multi button)Any ideas?
Thanks IanR

I do know that very little development has happened with ZWave in HG since 2017. You might want to check this post out to explain things a little clearer Zwave questions

The keyfob is a scene controler I was think there must be other that use this type of thing.

Possibly there is but probably not in HG. I have seen similar used in Home Assistant, Smart Things and Home Seer successfully. Maybe if you look at the respective forums you might get some hints.

As you can see there’s little or no activity on this forum these days and even less on the HG GitHub. Many users have migrated to alternative platforms so you may have difficulty getting a solution to your problem but hold fire for the moment, you never know :joy:

Hi all.
Did some coding got a scene controller to work.
I am not a code so may not be pretty but it works for me.

I used:

Where 32 is the zwave address of the controller, change as required.

This gave lots of information, use the info in ZwaveNode.CentralScene.Notification this is the the Scene information requered to be known for the code I created.

So my code can be modified for any Scene controller.