Anyone upgraded to Buster with HG?

I realize there are lots of people that have moved from Rasbian Stretch to Buster. However I’m interested in HG users that have done this. Did you experiance any issues or was it a smooth process? What Mono version is now included?

Might be worth while downloading it yourself and giving it a spin. You could report back and others could supply input.

Mono version is probably 5.18 using the VS channel. 5.20 is the latest version.

It was suggested to pin the 5.4 version at one stage for compatibility purposes but things have moved along since.

If I had the time I wouldnt have posted and started this thread.

Well as soon as you do maybe you could share your experiences with us.

That is my plan, however that may not be till end of the summer before I get the time. Winter seemed to last forever this year with no spring. Put me behind a good 2 months not just weeks.

I tried a clean install on a pi using buster. I tried both the light and the full fat version. Could not get HG to run kept seeing errors.
The one was to do with lirc. I did not have time to investigate and just went back to pries version of pi operating system and it installed first time no problems.
(I followed the instruction on the main HG site as I don’t normally use a pi) I just needed a quick test bed.
Has any one else got it to work and are there any changes required to the instructions?

Which version of HG and what build numbrr were you trying?
I’ve yet to have time to attempt this myself but I suspect your issue is the mono version.

It might be worth your while continuing with your efforts installing HG on Buster. The release is only settling down this week and it should be easy enough to locate the offending packages.

I wouldn’t depend on the version of Mono currently in the Raspbian repos. Try using the latest version from the Mono project.

It’s quite possible you are missing dependencies too. The only way to track the problem down is to do a Buster/HG install, run it and post the log results here or on the authors GitHub.

Don’t assume any one single package is causing the issue either. It could be a combination of a number of packages. The logs will definitely help tracking down the problem though.

I used the instruction as displayed on the HG download page.
and also tried the mono from the mono project page.

Sorry I have little time to work on the pi at the moment as I don’t usually use a pi to contrail my house, it was a demo for a friend.

Not having much time on my hands either I did try to replicate your issue and have confirmed that gdebi install did indeed fail with missing or unmet dependencies.

The good news is the good old fashioned manual install we used way back works a treat.

HG is now running on Raspbian Buster with Mono 5.20.19 and no issues to report. I restored on old backup just to test some older programs I used and they work fine.

Other than the obvious all you will need to do is create a HG service daemon if you need it to start on boot.

Maybe the author can have a look at his package manager with particular regard to Lirc and IR which seems to be crashing the installer.

Maybe someone with a little more time on their hands can have a look at the package manager and adjust the offending packages.