1.3-stable. updates (10 +)

Stable 10 update was seamless to install it includes a updated scheduler which shows the names of modules included in each schedule not just the number of modules which is a nice touch.
Since I curently one have my phone with me at my off grid place it is difficult to tell what else may have been added or improved on. :sunglasses:

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I updated this morning - clean install no problems, saw the updated Scheduler (only because tuicemen already mentioned it). Not sure what else may have changed.

Stable 11 is out and includes some additions to MQTT as well as some fixes to Zwave. This update also was seemless to install. I don’t use MQTT which this release mostly focuses on but I do have a few Zwave modules in use at my city residence.

Stable 12 is now available and includes the GPIO drivers for the pi 4. This install also went smoothly and Ive not noticed any issues yet wth my setup.

Looks like I jumped the gun installing Stable 12 it is no longer listed as downloadable but stable 13 is. Guess 12 was a beta and miss labled. In any case downloaded 13 and install went quicker then 12. Time will tell if the quick install missed something.

I planed to play with stable13 this morning and noticed 14 was available. This has some bug fixes one for open weather so I installed it hoping maybe some of the bugs reported from earlier versions would have been fixed as well(NOT).
Stable 14 did take longer to install than 13, I asume that I was right things were missing with 13.
I’m running out of time to test fully 14 this morning but it apears everything is working in my setup.

This morning I got an email about 1.3-beta.15 , wishing to read up a bit on this I clicked on the link only to get a 404 error. Checking the release page also doesn’t produce info on this so it appears Gene pulled the release for what ever reason. Was anyone able to look into this version before it was pulled?

You really should wait a while before you dive in to update. Unless you are in a position to test fully there’s little point updating to a beta version.

Anyone who is subscribed to the GitHub will get their update notification automatically anyway.

You can see now that beta 15 is posted with the relevant changelogs

I wasn’t looking to update to a beta as I’m not in the position to test. I just like to keep on top of what maybe getting fixed or added. This will give me an idea whether to install the next stable. Gene has a tendency to forget to include improvement info in releases.
In any case I see now the beta and info is now available.