1.3-Stable-8 available

I had to do a manual install of this. I was on stable 6 and the update showed 6 and 8 but not 7 which wad also released so looks like something got broken as installing using the HG method put me to stable 6 and showed no updates available after updating to 8 the update icon still showed. Checking reveiled updates available for stable 6 and 8 still available. :crazy_face:

Thanks for comments. From previous comments I decided not to take a chance to break my working system and am for now sticking with

HomeGenie Version v1.3-stable.5

It DID loose all my DS10 door switches a couple months ago so i no longer get notifications via email when one opens when alarm is on. but I can live with that - just means if alarm DOES trip I need to walk around the compound armed not knowing which door tripped… Happens only 1/yr so I am ok with that.

Just 5 days ago I also lost all my X10 module NAMES - they still work, but are labeled just B10, C7 etc now…

I normally keep the web server open in a browser at all times.

If a stable 9 comes soon I probably will use that to upgrade.

There realy is nothing worth getting this update for IMO this doesn’t deserve a stable title. I updated to this to check out the widget manager which doesn’t work on a pi maybe in windows.

Everything working fine here after 1_3r_8. Manual update has always been the best route to go when updating HG. Security sensors working fine and the drag’n’drop and other features are a welcome addition and all notifications work as expected. Nice to see an update with added features. All round a positive update.

Looks like my issue with the widget manager is browser related. It doesn’t work from my samsung internet browser or edge, how ever does work from chrome and firefox.

As I mentioned in my earlier post everything working as expected. Update took 10 minutes last night and server working fine since.

After playing a bit more(trying to stop HG from seeing a update) I got the widget manager working with the Edge browser.

Just noticed stable 9 was released and updated both machines. It fixes all my issues even the update icon a few of us were still seeing. The wifget manager works now in all browsers I use on my phone. So far everything seems to be working fine with nothing lost.:sunglasses:

When you say update manually do you mean update and upgrade using Putty? Edjal

No you just download the .gz update file to your computer and in the HG UI where it says Manual Update just look to the left where it says Choose File, click on this and select the .gz file you just downloaded and then click on Manual Update.

To be honest you can just do it the usual way now. A lot of chatter erupted on the GitHub but it’s all sorted out now. The little download arrow icon was causing mayhem apparently :joy: